Green River Area Skywarn Spotters

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Timely and accurate reporting of significant weather information is critical for both National Weather Service (NWS) warnings and news media reports to the public. Green River Area Skywarn Spotter exists in order to provide highly trained personnel in western Kentucky and the surrounding area to safely track, Observe and report this information. The national weather service (NWS) radar can see nothing below 5,000 feet in the western ky area. The only way the weather service knows what is actually happening on the ground is from weather spotter reports.


While movies and documentaries often focus on “storm chasers” who roam the plains in search of severe storms for research data collecting Green River Area Skywarn Spotter is a local team that covers Henderson, Daviess, Ohio, Union, Mclean and Webster counties in western Kentucky. It is our duty to have extensive certifications in many different backgrounds including weather spotting, meteorology, Fire & Rescue EMT, Amateur Radio (HAM) F.E.M.A. (NIMS) the reason for this is because we provide support to a large area and in very dangerous situations.